Check this out: A photo of the so-called “Jesus Receipt” (above) has gone viral after an engaged South Carolina couple told their local TV station that the face of Jesus had appeared on their Walmart receipt. However, the story and photo has caused some controversy. Hit the jump for more details and tell us, do you think it’s real or fake?



Jacob Simmons and Gentry Lee Sutherland had been to Walmart June 12. The receipt was still sitting on their kitchen counter a month later when Jacob said he noticed the face of Jesus had appeared on it. He showed it to Gentry Lee, who was just as shocked at what she saw.

“We just feel like it’s a blessing that God showed it to us and opened our eyes,” Sutherland told WYFF-TV. “And we just feel like we should share the blessing.”

But after tweeters and others began suggesting that heat, aging or a food stain caused the change in color, Sutherland shot back.

“There’s tons of people who will say, ‘Oh, we’re in the Bible Belt,’ but here’s my question to the doubters, who else has the power to put their face on a check-out receipt bu Jesus.”