So this is def one of our favorite subjects, and I recently posted a good guess of when I thought the iPhone was gonna release, and now an Italian website dedicated to iPhones says it has news we want to hear, so Hit the Jump!
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Ok although the tech world is taking this news with a grain of salt but apparently iPhone italia is reporting that they got news from Swizzconn, a swizz carrier that carries iPhone will be released there Oct 5th, after a US debut of sept 5th
Now the grain of salt comes because No other carrier like say Verizon or At&t knows the iPhone release date, or at least they’re not spilling the beans like swizzconn, but you can choose to believe!!!! Either way it feels like the Fall an iPhone is mos def dropping! On Top of it BGR has exclusively learned AT&T is prepping employees for an early sept launch of the iPhone with a late august announcement, so it feels like this is all on track!!


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