I reported earlier that Terrelle Pryor’s supplemental draft application was under review pending determination if he was deemed ineligible to play at Ohio State. Well not only has Ohio State declared him ineligible for the 2011 season, they also banned him from any contact with Ohio State Athletics for the next five years. Read more after the jump
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This ends speculation that Pryor may not have met requirments for the NFL supplemental draft. Pryor’s lawyer requested a letter from Ohio State stating that he was not only suspended for the first five games but instead for the entire season since he didn’t cooperate with the NCAA investigation about improper gifts given to the athletes.

Pryor is now banned from all contact with Ohio State athletics meaning he can have no contact with Buckeye recruits, enrolled Buckeyes, he cannot use team facilities, and he cannot accept complementary tickets to the games.

Pryor’s supplemental draft application is still currently under review.