It seems so, mostly because Most Emails, and the Best like Gmail, are FREE, But this email service is looking To ony Have 750 user’s, So they want to charge a fee for this so called exclusive Email, and you won’t believe how much!!!
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Email Service will only have 750 emails for purchase, and it you have a Clean $7500, yes that’s 75 Hundred for an EMAIL -___-
I mean if you are that much in need of ‘treatment'(because someone should have you committed to bellevue) and Have to have one, because let’s be honest, it will be exclusive, there couldn’t more than 750 fools tosign up, but then again, IF you really have money to burn, like literally, then that’s really not that much to you, and there may be more than 750 of them -_-
If your so inclined to be this Elite, go ahead and Hit The Link below