All over the Tech World Waves were made with the knowledge of iCloud was mostly disclosed, and if you interested in knowing what the iCloud will mean to you, should you be acquiring iCloud!!
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Ok so you get a login…Duh -_-

Then You pick how much your gonna pay for this whole thing!!! (IDK abt These Prices yet)

Then You transfer all of your Mobile Me contacts and Such….

And set up your contacts in iCloud….

And your ready to send Emails from any of your OS X, or iOS devices….

Or set up Your Calender….Across the board(all Devices)…..

OR EVEN Work On the NEW iWork, Make Something in Pages and Put it on any computer Immediately….

LOL just watch out for the Infamous 404 Error Message!!!!!

Ok all of this is how I presume it works, I don’t have it yet -_-
But Thanks to 9to5Mac, i have a good understanding!!!