TMZ has learned The Situation recently locked down a brand new deal to endorse a line of tuxedos and you’ll never believe how much this company is paying him to do so!! Find out details after the jump.

Marisa Mendez

The Situation will be getting SIX FIGURES for this deal! Can you believe that? Sheesh.

It’s all for a company called FLOW Formal — a New York-based tux manufacturer — and CEO Brian Weintraub tells us, Sitch is the perfect spokesperson … because the company is trying to target a younger demographic.

Weintraub adds, “This is great for us and great for the industry. [Tuxedos have] become an old man thing.”

The line is called … wait for it … “The Situation” — and it includes tuxedos, slim-fit shirts, and accessories. It’s expected to launch in February 2012.