I recently went to Best Buy and saw the TouchPad, which it looks truly beautiful, but it was $100 more when I was there, so Now I’m really thinking about it, but I have 1 issue, which I’ll tell you after the Jump!
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This is a pic when I went to Best Buy a couple of days ago, but You can now get it for $100 less, Which is a great thing, and I would totally get it, my issue is, The HP WebOS doesn’t match anything else I use, I use Apple and Google Products and Services, so I don’t see how WebOS fits in -_-
I’m sure more than a few of you have this same issue, which is most likely why the price dropped, but I’ll need another $110 off before I can just buy a Tablet that won’t match my other devices and services! BUT if your not caught up on getting everything to sync up I would suggest you Buy this ASAP(while it’s Hot)!!!!!

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