Well, why else would the following occur? Canadian “liberationists” leave dozens of garden gnomes at traffic circles as a warning. They say the gnomes must be returned to their proper place in the wild. Okay, but where exactly is that? Details after the jump.
Emma Rabid

Garden gnome liberationists may be out and about in Lake Cowichan.

About 20 of the little humanoid figurines and other lawn ornaments were taken from a residence in Lake Cowichan Sunday, Aug. 7 and relocated to the traffic circle on King George Street.

Why? Who knows?

Liberationists advocate for the “freedom” or the “return to the wild” of the smurf-like statues.

“Gnomers” often move the garden art pieces from one place to another and, in some circumstances, sometimes even go as far as to kidnap the kitschy creatures and photograph them at various landmarks before returning them home.

Why? Again, who knows?

Is it the work of liberationists or simply somebody with nothing better to do?

In the greater Duncan area, North Cowichan/ Duncan Cpl. Kevin Day said all appears to be quiet on the gnome liberation front.

“It’s one of those things that rears its ugly head every so often,” he said with a chuckle. “I don’t know what it is with those things. It goes in waves.”

Meanwhile, the Lake Cowichan RCMP are now faced with the task of reuniting the 20 gnomes with their owners.