Bank-robbing stripper Lee Grace Dougherty was shot in the leg during a shoot-out with police after a car chase today. She and her two brothers were taken into custody after a 20-mile, 100mph chase, during which the now infamous Dougherty gang fired at police from their car, that ended in a crash on a Colorado highway. Hit the jump to read the rest of the story.

Lee-Grace, 29, got out of the gang’s high-powered Subaru Impreza and started shooting at police, officers returned fire, hitting her in the leg.
She and heavily-armed brothers Ryan, 21, and Dylan, 26, were arrested after the pursuit and gunfight south of the town of Pueblo.

The trio had been on the run, hunted by police and the FBI, after storming a Valdosta, Georgia, bank on August 2 with guns blazing, shooting up the ceiling before making off with an unknown amount of cash.
Earlier that day, the siblings, who are driving a white Subaru, eluded a Florida cop in a high speed chase that ended when they shot out one of the officer’s tires.
The Doughertys were spotted in Colorado Tuesday as they shopped at an outdoors store near Colorado Springs.

The sighting led authorities to believe the bank-robbing stripper and her brothers may be looking for a campground or rural area to hide out
Park rangers were put on alert after three people matching their descriptions bought camping items at an outdoors shop near Interstate 25.
Pasco County Sheriff Chris Nocco said that the thrill-seeking siblings may have a massive cache of high-powered weapons – and they’re not afraid to use them.

Neither one of the Doughertys were strangers to trouble with the law.
Lee-Grace, 29, who worked as an exotic dancer at Florida strip club Cheaters before the crime spree began, is wanted for a probation violation.
She was charged earlier this year for a hit-and-run crash and battery.
Dylan, 26, had previously been charged with marijuana possession.
Ryan, 21, a registered sex offender, had been fitted with an ankle monitoring bracelet, which was cut off and found near the scene of the car chase.
He was convicted of sending sexually explicit messages to an 11-year-old-girl.
Records show he had registered as a sex offender on Monday.
His mother said that he was ‘unbearably discouraged by the terms of his probation’ and said he feared the conviction would prohibit him from seeing his newborn son.
Beneath a Florida home the trio shared earlier this year, investigators found an bunker that neighbours say may have been a den of illegal activity.
The underground structure is made up of two 40-foot cargo containers buried next to each other, with a man-made hallway leading to them.The structure was outfitted with both electricity and running water.
Pictures of them were splashed on billboards throughout the Southeast.