Posted by Sabrina B. @gametimegirl

Bill Romanowski played for Mike Shanahan for six years in Denver, and he says that time with Shanahan gives him some insight into why Donovan McNabb was a failure as the Redskins’ quarterback last year.

Specifically, Romanowski said on the Jim Rome Show, Shanahan wants hard workers on his team, and that doesn’t describe McNabb.

“The reason why Donovan McNabb is not in Washington right now is because he was lazy,” Romanowski said. “He didn’t spend the time. Mike Shanahan likes guys who will work really hard. I narrow it down to two things. He’s either lazy, or he’s not very bright to pick up the offense. One or the other. I think he’s bright enough, I just think he was lazy.”

Romanowski also had some thoughts on Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow, saying that Tebow should be playing on “some team that doesn’t have a chance in hell to go anywhere.”

Asked what his own approach to Tebow would have been if they had played at the same time, Romanowski said he would have relished the opportunity to drill Tebow.

“I would want to lay him out and put him into next year,” Romanowski said of Tebow. “I’d have him so messed up mentally he’d be like, Oh, God, this Romanowski is crazy.”

If Tebow did conclude that Romanowski is crazy, he wouldn’t be the first.