Reported on our friend BGR’s site, actually he has proof with code that a 4G iPhone is being tested, so the Tech world is all a buzz about a 4G iPhone!!! Hit the Jump for Details!
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The Pics BGR has suggests an internal iOS 4G test build from a major carrier, and Rumor Is AT&T will be launching a LTE 4G Smartphone later this year, Now iPhone 5‘s release is right around the corner, but was Apple holding that up so they could be closer to having a 4G iPhone, and is that iPhone the very same as the iPhone 5?? And let’s keep in mind, Verizon has the iPhone and is already 4G LTE, maybe Apple is Testing for them…..Well we really won’t know for sure until October, but if it is, I bet cash money that will be the best selling iPhone in it’s history, Good looking BGR!!!!!!