Two unidentified individuals recently flogged a dealership-fresh BMW 1M at high speeds on residential streets. One of them caught it on video. That video wound up on YouTube. You can guess what happened next. Hit the jump to read the rest of the story.
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Right. A member of BMW forum 1addicts posted a link to the video, which displays a spirited “test drive” lousy with stop-sign pulls, chirped gears and high rates of speed on neighborhood roadways.

Naturally incensed by the abuse of this rare, M-Powered and well loved 1-Series — with the sticker still on the window and pre-delivery wrappings still in place — forum members pooled their mad detective skills and tracked the culprit to Pacific BMW in Glendale, California. Then, they brought the video — now off YouTube, but saved locally by one quick-thinking member — to the attention of the dealership’s service manager. According to forum members, he sent this e-mail in reply.