During Charlie Sheen’s public, downward spiral his brother Emilio Estevez kept pretty quiet about the situation. Now Emilio is opening up about his brother, his current condition, and Charlie’s new TV show. Emilio said that Charlie is in a much better place than he was when all the nonsense was taking place a few months ago and is a different and changed man. Emilio also says that he really believes Charlie’s new show will help him get his focus back. Read what else was said and more details on Charlie’s show after the jump.


Emilio says Charlie is back and better than ever.

“He’s a different guy. He’s a completely different guy,” Emilio told Kit Hoover and Billy Bush on Thursday’s Access Hollywood Live, of how Charlie has changed since his dramatic split from his Chuck Lorre-helmed sitcom, “Two and a Half Men,” and the highly-publicized drama that ensued. “He’s got his voice back. And I think he’s got his focus. He’s on a new show and he’s gonna be roasted by Comedy Central – which I think is going to be hysterical.

“I think that he’s really got it together,” he continued. “And he’s very excited about the crew of the show he’s putting together.”

Emilio, who recently wrote, directed and starred in “The Way,” along with father Martin Sheen, also addressed rumors that his mother has moved in with Charlie.

“She’s back and forth,” he said. “We’re a very close family and we’re a very real family, and I think every real family has real problems. And [Charlie’s] gone through it, and he’s come out the other side, and I think we’re all really excited to see what the next chapter of his life is going to be like.”