Prince Harry’s spokesman, Nick Loughran, told The Daily that the prince, a captain in the British Army Air Corps,


“will be coming to the States at some point in the next couple of months for a handful of courses … in parts of Arizona and California.”

Loughran said Harry, 27, will spend “about two-and-a-half to three months” in the United States as part of the standard program for British Apache pilots.

“Once the course finishes … he’ll be appointed to an Apache squadron within the U.K.,” Loughran said. “At some point down the line, it will be up to the Ministry of Defense chain of command to decide where and when, or if, any of those squadrons are deployed.”

Although the exact locations and dates of Harry’s visit have yet to be announced, the prince will likely spend some time in Mesa, Ariz., where there is a training center for Apache pilots.

After Harry’s training is complete in 2012, he’ll be a full-fledged Apache pilot and could be re-deployed to the front lines of Afghanistan.

Harry was pulled out of the war-torn country in 2008 after serving ten weeks there; a media outlet had reported his position and compromised not only his safety, but those serving with him.

The prince has said he wished to returned to service, particularly Afghanistan, saying that his “heart was in the Army.”