A man and his mistress have been charged with murder, conspiracy and weapons offences over Tuesday night’s killing in Boonton, New Jersey. Apparently the two plotted the murder of the man’s wife together. Read the full story after the jump…

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Kashif Parvaiz has been arrested by U.S. Marshals in Boston and charged with murder, said Morris County Prosecutor Robert Bianchi. Antionette Stephen Kashif Parvaiz has been arrested by U.S. Marshals in Boston and charged with murder, said Morris County Prosecutor Robert Bianchi.
Antoinette Stephen, who is accused along with Kashif Parvaiz of murdering his wife Nazish Noorani, is a quiet, unassuming kind of woman, according to her neighbors.

‘She seemed like a nice girl,’ said neighbor Frank Ferraro in the Boston suburb of Billerica.

Stephen, 26, is the younger daughter of hardworking Indian immigrants.

‘They’re quiet people,’ Mr Ferraro said of Stephen’s parents, Devaraj and Kunjunjamma Stephen, who work at a medical clinic.  ‘This is going to change their lives forever.’

Neighbor Kelli Kelley said: ‘They seemed to work very, very hard to be part of the neighborhood.’

Kashif Parvaiz first appeared on the scene about three months ago, riding on a motorcycle. Neighbors say they suspected the surly young man was no good.

‘He didn’t seem very friendly,’ Mr Ferraro said.

Parvaiz and Stephen were charged with murder, conspiracy and weapons offences over Tuesday night’s killing in Boonton, New Jersey.

On Friday it emerged that Nazish Noorani lived in fear of her abusive husband as their marriage crumbled and chillingly foretold of her fate to her brother.

In a text to him she wrote: ‘I dont no wht to do. Cant talk to him cuz he abuse me than … he doesnt wanna live with me … i dont no kids get scared of him sometimes … im so tired of this … i dont no Im scared …someday u will find me dead because its cuz of kaski … he wants to kill me.’

Parvaiz, 26, has been charged after admitting he was involved in the killing. He sent a series of messages to alleged gunwoman Antoinette Stephen which chart their movements in the hours before the attack.

Mrs Noorani was killed just three blocks from her sister’s house in the heavily Pakistani area of Boonton on Tuesday evening. The shooting left Parvaiz with four superficial gunshot wounds but he survived. The young boy, who was found covered in his parents’ blood, was unhurt.

Antoinette Stephen, an alleged mistress who lived in the same apartment building as the man has also been charged with murder after being seized by police in Boston.

A series of text messages between Stephen and Parvaiz appear to show the lovers even staged a dry run before the shooting on Tuesday, checking how far away the local police station was in order to plot and escape route.


Friday, Aug. 12 11:34am

AS to KP: ‘You hang in there. Freedom is just around ur corner’

Sunday, Aug. 14 1:03pm

KP to AS: ‘Well I need to speak to you and explain to you how to approach the situation ill be depositing money tomorrow morning and ill see you tomorrow evening’

Monday, Aug. 15 10:07pm

KP to AS: ‘I can meet u I told Naz I ate too much and im going out for a walk where are u’

AS to KP: ‘Driving now… K text me when u in neighborhood… I’m down church street”


AS to KP: ‘I know, I saw. I’m driving to the nearest precinct. To judge their driving distance.’

KP to AS: ‘ull have a 10 mints head start’

AS to KP: ‘I know. its just that since we’re close to lubnas house plus they’re going to be awake, they’ll come out first. I’ll be running right their way. U need to… Stall for some time along the road a little away so they’re not alert’

KP to AS: ‘[I’m at the] McDonalds in Parsippany’

AS to KP: ‘oh s**t. Im parked near Naz’s home. Was going to walk the area.’

Tuesday, Aug. 16 [The day of the shooting]

KP to AS: Parvaiz wrote he was at Noorani’s sister’s home


AS to KP: ‘Call me when u can. Delete all msgs from phone. I won’t message from here on.’

On Friday, Stephen sent one chilling and totally remorseless text to Parvaiz. ‘You hang in there,’ she wrote. ‘Freedom is just around ur corner.’

Despite allegedly going to extreme lengths to make the shooting look like a surprise hit, Mr Parvaiz has been charged with the murder along with Stephen, whose name appears on the mailbox of a Boston apartment with Parvaiz.

Both face charges of murder, conspiracy and weapons offences, while Parvaiz also faces child-endangerment charges. He is on a $1million bond while Stephen is being held on $5 million bail.

Stephen, who is believed to be be Parvaiz’s girlfriend, pulled the trigger, killing Noorani, 26, sources told the New York Daily News.

Morris County Prosecutor Robert Bianchi announced the charges at a press conference today.

‘Within hours of the crime, we realised this was the handiwork of the husband,’ he said.

Authorities said Parvaiz conspired with Stephen to have his wife killed because she had dared to speak negatively about his family.

There was also speculation that they were in a secret relationship.

‘There is obviously a relationship, Bianchi said. ‘I’m not saying it’s a physical relationship. I’m not saying it’s a girlfriend-boyfriend relationship.’

Police began to suspect Parvaiz after he kept changing his story about the shooting on Tuesday evening.

He had originally said they were shot by one black male, one white male and a third man who had shouted racist abuse at them and called them ‘terrorists’.

He later said the men were all black, then that it was an accident, before finally admitting he was involved.

‘He did not want to be the person to look at his children and tell them he took their mother away,’ Bianchi said.

Relatives had earlier spoken of the Muslim couple’s violent arranged marriage, marred by infidelity and lies.

In the days immediately after the killing, officers became increasingly suspicious of her husband.

A source told the Post: ‘The guy’s story was not working out. The time was always changing.’

Noorani’s relatives, meanwhile, spoke of their doubts about her husband’s accounts of the events and speculated about his alleged infidelity, describing his life as ‘a sham’.

‘He was such a pathological liar in my eyes,’ a cousin said.

The young Muslim woman married Parvaiz despite a background check run by her family, which revealed he had lied in the past about graduating from two schools: Brooklyn Polytechnic and NYU.

He has also claimed to have attended Ivy League Harvard and Columbia, but neither have records of him signing up.

The cousin added: ‘After I told her… they still got married. He didn’t go to the school. He never had a job. His whole life is a sham.’

She said that the couple’s relationship had been frighteningly violent.

‘The family has been talking about how he was abusive… There were definitely instances of abuse,’ she added.

‘I hope he’s not involved,’ Noorani’s brother, Kaleem Noorani added, while speaking to the New York Daily News. ‘I hope he has nothing to do with this.’

The relative admitted there were definite problems in the couple’s arranged marriage. When pressed about rumours of infidelity, Noorani’s sister, Lubna Choudhry, said: ‘I have plenty to say about that. But I want to let the investigation continue first,’

She did, however, speak about Parvaiz’s account of events. He told police the shooting had been a drive-by but Choudhry, who lives two doors away, said: ‘I didn’t see anybody run off. I didn’t see a car.’

Choudhry, who is one of five siblings, described the atmosphere on the night, when the family had enjoyed a late dinner to break the Ramadan fast.

‘She was happy. She said: “I’ll be right back. Make tea for me,”‘ Choudhry said.

Mr Parvaiz’s sister, Zarrem Hassan, however, insisted the relationship was a strong one. ‘It was a loving and caring couple. His wife was just like a sister.’

As it emerged a suspect is being held in custody, police sources added that they believe the murder may have stemmed from an extramarital affair.

Mr Parvaiz was accused of beating up an alleged mistress just six months ago, police records show.

The murder suspect is said to have slapped and pushed Yelena Belorusets, 20, on February 25 sfter he accused her of ‘being unfaithful to him,’ the New York Daily News reported.

He was arraigned on assault and battery charges but had the charges dropped five weeks later when the woman did not turn up at court.

The two lived in the same Brooklyn building before the murder suspect moved to Boston with his wife.

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