On Friday, Nick Cannon attempted to break the World Hugging Record outside if Citi Field. Although he fell short of breaking the record by a few hugs, the day was not a total loss beings that Nick donated a toy for every hug he received to the Mets Care Room. Nick says he plans on attempting to break the record again soon. Find out how many hugs short he was after the jump.

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Nick Cannon spread love to fans entering Citi Field in New York on Friday. The 92.3 NOW radio host attempted to break the world record for most hugs in one hour. He embraced everyone from kids and adults to men in drag and pets. Despite his noble effort, he fell 52 short of the world record of 1,698 hugs.

“52 off!” said a disappointed Nick. “We’ve got to do it again. I felt like if we had started a little later and closer to the door, we would have got it.”

But his efforts didn’t go unrewarded. For every hug he gave, a toy was donated to the Mets Care Room at the New York Hospital of Queens.