Remember that big, scary, plastic, king that Burger King was using in its ad campaigns? Well say goodbye because BK plans to roll out a new “food-centric” marketing campaign this weekend with one less royal pain. Hit the jump for more details!



The latest spots, created by Burger King’s new advertising agency Mcgarrybowen, will not include the iconic (and debatably creepy) monarchal mascot waking up unsuspecting dreamers in the middle of the night with air horns and cymbals, or casually working out in the local mall.

Instead, the fast food giant is taking its bizarre quotient down a few notches, sticking to the plebeian stuff like close-ups of lettuce, Swiss cheese and burger patties, in order to beef up its “appeal to a broader audience.”

“Our consumers tell us they love our great-tasting, high-quality food, and that’s exactly what we’re featuring in our new marketing and advertising,” said Alex Macedo, senior marketing vice president, in a statement.

What do you guys think of BK nixing its King??