This has been a crazy day for me personally, and I really prefer to have certain things stay intact while I’m going through personal hard times, and Steve Jobs Staying at the Big desk of my favorite bitten fruit consumer electronics company is one of them, So I can’t get that, I now have to learn a whole NEW CEO at Apple….Well Let’s take a look at Tim Cook!!

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Your Boy Tim is originally from Alabama(I won’t hold that against him) But before he was at Apple, He was in the IBM system for 12 years(I mean, there wasn’t much else, except Microsoft), then he did a stint as VP at Compaq(ok I’m getting Nervous, they are finished!)
But then Steve personally snatched Tim up, and he 1st severed as Senior Vice President for Worldwide Operations(sounds like a good position for Steve To Groom Tim with). He became COO in 2007 after he streamlined the company(ok he knows his #’s but how is his creative side?)
Apparently Cook Served as CEO 2 other time, once in ’04, for a couple months, and once in ’09, for several months this time, both times were due to Jobs dealing with his Cancer, and what we don’t know is Tim has been handling the Day to Day since Steve took his leave of Absence back in Jan, So it’s reasonable to say Tim has ben doing a good job, as long as you don’t count the iPhone 5 pushback from June to Oct, and the seemingly Pushback of the iPad HD, but other that that, Great Job. I’m really hoping that this sudden Jobs Exit doesn’t mean a turn for the worse, I mean I don’t care who they put in there, Apple Inc. Is Steve Jobs’ Company!!!

Tim is Looking awfully ‘Jobs-ish’