OMG no way fam!! A 21-year-old Brooklyn man got inked after the NYC earthquake and wait ’til you see it!! And yes, if you get an Irene tatt, we will post your great mistake on our site! LOL Read more and check out the earthquake tattoo after the jump…


Citizen Ink Studios in Brooklyn thought peoples’ overreactions to Tuesdays tiny tremors in New York were pretty funny.

So, within a few minutes of the quake, shop owner Joe Khay sketched out an “I Survived The Quake” tat and advertised it on Facebook for $30.

Jonathan Berg, 21, saw the post and immediately set up an appointment.

“It was just a minor thing, and people were making it into a serious subject. I thought that was pretty hilarious,” Berg, of Gerritsen Beach, said of the earthquake to The New York Daily News.

Berg, who has 14 other tattoos, was the first one to receive the design (he got it on his torso) and Khay says at least three other people have set up appointments for the #quakespecial.

Of course, if the quake ink isn’t your thing (we think it’s still better than these other current topic tattoos) you can always get an “I Survived The East Coast Quake” t-shirt.