This is a little too close to real life Grand Theft Auto to be funny. Arthur Lee Thompson, a 38-year-old South Carolina man, is accused of fighting a police officer and stealing his police cruiser before crashing it into a truck, according to WCSC. Amazingly, the adrenaline-filled event was caught on the cruiser’s camera when it happened in May, and the footage has just now surfaced online.

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According to LiveLeak, Thompson was actually tased twice during the incident. He was first tased after he exited his car and fought the officer, and then again when he got in the car and drove off. It doesn’t seem to have stopped him.

He drove about three miles before crashing into a landscaping truck making a left-hand turn, according to WCSC. The collision sent the truck driver to the hospital.

Police slapped Thompson with a slew of charges. From WCSC:

Thompson was charged with reckless driving in the collision. Summerville Police are charging him with strong armed robbery, assault on police officer while resisting arrest, motor vehicle theft, possession of firearm by convicted felon and failure to stop for blue lights.