Toll hikes have made New Yorkers upset, but they weren’t steep enough according to Port Authority Executive Director Chris Ward. Hit the jump to read the rest of the story.

Critically needed upgrades at the Port Authority Bus Terminal and LaGuardia and Newark airports will be delayed because of cash shortages, Ward told construction execs Tuesday.

“The reality is that you cannot always do more with less,” the bistate agency boss told a New York Building Congress luncheon.

“Sometimes you simply must do more, and we’ll be playing catchup with the rest of the world until that reality becomes a part of our political conversation.”

Ward was careful not to criticize either Gov. Cuomo or New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, who scaled down the PA’s planned toll hike to a still-crushing $15 by 2015. The agency had wanted a fast $4 toll hike on Hudson River crossings, which was slashed to $1.50 this year for E-ZPass drivers.

But Ward made it clear he wasn’t happy with the outcome .

Citing national political pressure to curb spending, he said he remained optimistic about the rebuilding of the World Trade Center, but added, “I must say that I do not have the same optimism for both the city and the nation going forward.”