A defiant Mayor Bloomberg refused Sunday to say he’s sorry for failing to make public the domestic violence arrest of former Deputy Mayor Stephen Goldsmith. Hit the jump to read the rst of the story.

“I make no apologies for either the fact that Mr. Goldsmith has left city service or for treating the Goldsmith family with basic decency as he left,” Bloomberg said after days of ducking questions about the scandal.

The mayor said he figured the truth would eventutally come out about his top deputy’s domestic violence arrest in Washington on July 30 – but figured there was no reason it had to come from him.

But since the news broke last Thursday, the usually available Mayor Mike had been dodging questions about Goldsmith’s political face-plant, cancelling a hurricane-related news conference Thursday and then skipping out on his regular Friday radio show.

Goldsmith defended Bloomberg’s handling of the matter.

“I , not the Mayor, should have more fully disclosed the reasons for my resignation,” he said. “The lack of a fuller disclosure I now regret as I regret the loss of my public service career and the intrusion my children have experienced.

“I regret the criticism of the Mayor for his support of my family.”