Looks like the neighbors might have to quit their yapping now! A couple months back, other people in Chris’s building had made a huge fuss about him, saying he was loud, constantly partying, vandalizing the building and worst of all, parking all of his cars in the handicapped spots. They were trying to have him evicted, but Chris shot back and let everyone know that he felt the neighbors were out to get him and he was doing nothing wrong because those spots had been ASSIGNED to his condo. Looks like Breezy was telling the truth, as 95 out of the 117 citations were dismissed when he went to court for them. Details below.

Marisa Mendez

Chris’ lawyer Mark Geragos said it last month after the singer’s progress hearing — CB had racked up about $15,000 in parking citations for taking up what appeared to be handicapped spaces in the lot at his L.A. condo.

But now, Chris only faces a fraction of that bill — because sources at the City of West Hollywood tell TMZ, the parking spaces in question were assigned to Chris’ apartment from the beginning … and Chris wasn’t doing anything wrong by parking there.

The singer’s not entirely in the clear though — according to city sources, “22 citations remain open” for other parking offenses.