Xbox has an NEW Build of it’s UI(User Interface), you know the way you interact with the Xbox as a user, apparently it has an updated Metro UI, Bing search and deeper Kinect integration!! Please for your own knowledge hit the Jump!!

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a single screen of real-estate per category, giving you less reasons to have to waste time scrolling through a bunch of unwanted items & options!

Deeper Kinect integration means you can fully control the Xbox with the Kinect instead of having to have the remote, which is great if you’re wireless and Batt’s are not Charged!

You also get Bing integration with Voice control(thanks Kinect!) so searching is all about what you say! For instance if you say “Xbox, Bing Xmen” all the content in the Xbox as well as the marketplace(Zune) gets pulled up i.e. movies, games, TV shows, and even a soundtrack, and you can refine the search and just get movies!

Allegedly The NEW Build has even More coming Making Xbox The Center of your Entertainment Center!!!

Looks like being more Social Too!

S?O to Engadget for this Info!!!