The flagship Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG represents the pinnacle of the company’s considerable engineering prowess. Yet there are always those looking for a little more. And for such customers, Mercedes has announced a series of new options available on the Gullwing coupe and its roadster counterpart.

Funk Flex

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The list includes new wheels and paint finishes (like the Sepang Brown Metallic pictured above), as well as the company’s latest blind-spot warning system. But the salient point of the announcement is the new AMG Ride Control suspension.

Available as a ~$3,000 option over the stock setup, the new adjustable suspension offers drivers a choice between Comfort, Sport or Sport Plus settings. Some buyers will invariably revel in the choices, but then as Lotus founder Colin Chapman once famously quipped, “Make the suspension adjustable and they will adjust it wrong.” Good thing, then, AMG has taken the guesswork out of the equation.