This is literally my FAVORITE movie of all time. If this remake/sequel happens and it doesn’t do the original any justice, I will be out for blood, b. Word is it’s coming, though! 23 years later but still…it’s coming. Details are below.

Marisa Mendez is reporting that the ghostly sequel is in the works, but there’s some good news. “The film will not be a remake,” the site reports. “The intention is to reboot it by advancing the storyline of the original.”

David Katzenberg and Seth Grahame-Smith will work on the project, says. Grahame-Smith worked with Tim Burton, original “Beetlejuice” director, on his current project, “Dark Shadows,” so he’s familiar not just with Burton’s style, but with writing for beloved and spooky characters from our past. (“Dark Shadows” head vamp Barnabas Collins will be played in that film by Johnny Depp, who loved the show as a kid.)