To me in an apparent attempt to stop people from using their Google+ account, Facebook will start to put users in ‘Smart lists’, although Facebook has had this option since 2007, they will now automatically put people in these list, which to me is a direct attempt to shut down Google+(circles), Hit the Jump for the full details.

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“Work,” “School,” “Family,” and “City.” will be the automatic 4, and you will be able to edit the category names, and move you user’s around yourself, and create totally new list, and the lists will keep people separate, blah blah blah.
Although Google+ has slowed down, they still did 30 Mill in a month, which has obviously upset Facebook, and remember Google+ is still in Beta, which means 2 things, ALL of googles user’s are not able to join yet, and everything Google will offer has not come to fruition yet, but there is one thing I really like about the Facebook option that google isn’t doing yet, when you post from one of your ‘lists’, everyone in that list can see who is in that list, making them more comfortable about commenting on that post, since they know exactly who they are talking to, but I will say, that means the user has to be more vigilant about breaking up lists, in order no to have 2 people that don’t like each other know that you deal with both of them, because then you will have one in 1 ear, and the other in the other ear talking about each other to you, and who has time for that BS??? But let me know what you think about Facebooks Newest plan???