A high-ranking city schools administrator sexually tortured a 27-year-old woman inside his upper East Side home, a jury found. Laurence Harvey, 47, was declared guilty of 12 out of the 13 counts against him for the sickening May 2010 attack that was photographed. Hit the jump to read the rest of the story.

“It was like you are watching a movie,” said horrified juror Eddison Williams of the graphic trial testimony. “He had her gagged and bound. It was gross.”

He described the disgust jurors felt at the photgraphs of the objects used to violate the woman.

“You had pictures, you had tape recordings,” said Williams a home health care aide, who likened the attack to sexual torture.

Harvey, a $165,000-a-year educrat, was cleared of one charge – rape, in part because the encounter started as consensual, a juror said, but found guilty of sexual abuse and assault.

“This is how whores are treated,” he told the victim at one point.

Harvey’s defense lawyer, Carlos Martir, argued at trial that the photos of the sickening attack were “staged” and that verbal threats were just harmless words.

Martir argued at trial that the victim fabricated the allegations against Harvey after she stole $12,000 from his bank account. He said his client will appeal.

Harvey faces up to 25 years behind bars when he’s sentenced.