Of course since Microsoft owns Skype, Windows has had this option for a little bit already, but FINALLY, Mac owners can rejoice for they too can update their Facebook status from their Skype application NOW!!!!, Hit the jup to see a little more, and get the Beta download link!!

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Here’s the thing, since it wasn’t on Mac, and I couldn’t try it out, I didn’t really get ip, I assumed you could Skype from Facebook, but it’s more you can Facebook from Skype, and I think it’s kinda tough. Funny before I could see it, I thought it was like “useless”, but I see now, it could very well put Facebook at an advantage, yes Google+ has Hangout, which is most def tough, but until Google+ gets it’s usership way up, Facebook….well actually it puts Skype in the social media game, and yes it helps Facebook by keeping the relevant, but someone wouldn’t even have to login to their Facebook, they could just login to their Skype, and be good, but here’s the thing, their are way more people on Facebook than Skype, so, to really get the party going, you’ll need to invite your Facebook friends to Skype, which you can do right from Skype 🙂

Download and see how it works for yourself!!

Skype for Mac