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Football great Deion Sanders has officially served his wife, Pilar Sanders with divorce papers. Pilar is Deion’s second wife and mother of three of his children. Word on the street is Pilar received the documents yesterday, in Dallas,Texas. Deion is reportedly tired of Pilar acting all diva like, he stated if he wanted a model or actress he would have married one a long time ago. But with the rumors of Deion and his cheating ways, I thought it would’ve been Pilar doing the filing!

Here’s what Deion said about the split:

“Enough is enough. I never signed up for all this. Enough is enough. If I wanted a model or a television star I would have married one a long time ago. All I wanted was a housewife.”

I’m hearing that Pilar still would like to make her marriage work, she loves her husband, but she is committed to building a career for herself, and refuses to turn a blind eye towards his cheating ways!

SOURCE: HelloBeautiful



Pilar gave HelloBeautiful the following statement:

“It’s unfortunate that my husband decided to take this course of action…I’m surprised and hurt… As I said to my children, we must take a minute breath and Trust God.”