It Is MOS DEF Going Down 1 Week from Today, Tuesday Oct 4th, at 10a(cali time) CEO Tim Cook will give his very 1st solo Apple Announcement, and his very own “1 more thing”, and we will be on his every word! Hit the jump on the confirmation of what we will get on the ‘iPhone’ rather 4S or 5.

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Feels like 4S is more likely at this point, but since that not confirmed we will keep our fingers crossed! But what we do(May) know is it will have a dual-core A5 chip, with 9 times faster graphics than the iPad 2, giving graphics and gaming an unbelievable experience! Processor will have 1GHz of RAM(Twice as fast as iPhone 4′s A4 chip or iPad 2′s A5 processor), Camera will have 8MP with a backlit sensor that takes high-resolution and clear shots(with low light sensitivity, and panorama capabilities), And last But MOS DEF not least, the term “Let’s Talk iPhone” is based on the fact that a NEW feature called “Assistant” that’s Voice Activated!!! which could very well be a game changer!! An iPhone that you talk to and talks back, maybe, man Tuesday can’t come fast enough, and ‘1 more thing’, even if it is the 4S, with all these upgrades this bad boy on Sprints great spectrum, would be a dream NO Matter the model #!!!!!