Michael Beasley played in the EBC Rucker v. Goodman League game on Friday.  Goodman League won 119-117 with Beasley scoring 19pts.  I was able to sit down with Beasley after the game and discuss him playing in New York especially after the Dyckman incident where he mushed a heckler.  Check out what he had to say after the jump.

@Shay_Marie x @gametimegirl

IamaGM.com:  Is there anything else you do to keep yourself in shape besides exhibition games?

Michael Beasley:   Same thing I do everyday, just keep playing basketball.

IamaGM.com:  So how do you feel playing in the New York atmosphere, I know you had an incident at Dyckman?

MB:  We don’t have no problems, it’s the atmosphere, if we gonna be in the hood lets be in the hood.  Let me talk, you talk and lets go on about our business, which is what happened. You know I love New York; I love everything about New York, Manhattan, and Brooklyn to the Bronx, to everything.  They can get mouthy but that’s what the game is for, you know, that’s what it’s about.

IamaGM.com:  Have you heard any news about the lockout, have they been keeping you updated?

MB:  I know what you know.

IamaGM.com:  How is that Drew/Goodman rematch coming along?

MB:  I heard it was supposed to come in a couple of weeks but I’m not the guy to put that on, so just look out and I’ll be there.

IamaGM.com:  If they give you the call you coming through?

MB:  Oh yea, that’s just how it was today.

IamaGM.com: 2K12 ratings leaked early, you got a 78 how do you feel about that?

MB: That’s higher than I thought.

Interview conducted by @Shay_Marie for iamaGM.com