Ford has been in the UK for a full century now, but for fans of its workhorse Transit van, the past four years have been the most exciting. That’s because, since 2007, the Blue Oval automaker has released successive special edition SportVans that give the big wagon an added dose of attitude.

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Each version has been distinguished by its color combination, and all have sold out: blue with white stripes (500 examples), grey with silver stripes (80), black with silver (500), white with blue (80), dark blue with silver (150) and, most recently, red with white stripes. Now Ford has released the latest edition in Moondust Silver with graphite stripes.

Aside from the paint scheme, the Transit SportVan also gets graphite alloys to match the stripes, dual exhaust and an aero kit. Based on the short-wheelbase 260 model, the SportVan packs a 2.2-liter turbo-diesel with 140 metric horsepower channeled to the front wheels through a six-speed manual. The cabin also packs all the bells and whistles, but only 180 examples will be offered, and you can bet they’ll all sell out faster than a Transit can haul its cargo through London’s busy streets.