I don’t think anyone is gonna bust out in tears here, I only know 1 person with a Zune, and he uses his iPhone So I don’t think he even cares, And he likes Windows phones(well what it could be) and that is what MS will be focusing on!! Hit the Jump for some vital info IF you do have a Zune!!!

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lol, S/O Engadget on the Photo!!

So anyway, Zune is gone, and I doubt it will(or should) ever be back, Prob is it was always chasing Apple’s tail, far behind the iPod, but MS fans can feel a little relieved, Apple is reading 2 of it’s iPods, only thing is they are about to drop a next Gen iPod, that may de-Robe out socks(knock our socks off) but I digress, The important thing Zune Owners need to know, especially since it’s pretty much an PC, All warranties will be honored!!

Windows Phone will be the focus of our mobile music and video strategy,


we will no longer be producing Zune players

On a brighter note(kinda), Zune Music Service will still operate servicing what Zunes will still exist in your life as well as for Windows(desk/Laptop’s), Windows Phones, And Xbox, so you have that -_-

R.I.P. ZUNE!!!!