NO, not the 5, but its a TOUGH Phone, Hit the Jump for the Specs!!

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Sorry It looks the Same, BUT Does NOT act the Same!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-A5 Chip; dual graphics, speed twice as fast, Games are Better!!

-8 Hours of 3G talk time on a single battery charge!! 6 hours browsing(9 on WiFi) 10 hours of video, and 40 hours of music

-Much better call quality!! Can with between upload and download seamlessly!!! Twice as good as iPhone 4

-Speed; iPhone just as fast as Android 4G phones(Apple Says) Both CDMA & GSM, instead of 2 separate phones

-8 MP cam, Stupid Dumb Better!! 1080P HD

-Ahh the Voice recognition ‘Assistant’, “SIRI”; Will really listen to you and understand instead of taking choppy commands!! Everything from Email/text creation, web browsing, calendar Scheduling, and Directions with good Memory on things like who gets what text!!! Added with the Reminders App, this Phone is taking the mistake out of life!! Even Defining things when asked, truly an AI on a Mobile Phone, Learning YOUR Voice and all that!!!!

iPhone 4S will be available on Oct 14th(10 days from Now)

Black and white versions 16GB: $199, 32GB for $299, 64GB for $399.

The 3GS and iPhone 4 will live on. The 4 is now $99 for 8GB. The 8GB 3GS will be free All on contract. (YES SPRINT TOO!!!) Pre-orders for the 4S start this friday, the 7th. US, Canada, Australia, the UK, France, Germany, and Japan. the 28th 22 more countries, and 70 countries by the end of the year. Over 100 carriers. “Fastest rollout ever.”

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