Ok after the Jump is pretty much all the NEW Apple iTems(See what I did there!) are after the Jump!! including what will affect the NEW iPhone!!!

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-Apple has sold a quarter Billion iOS Devices, including iPhones, iPods, iPads, Apple TV’s, MAcbooks(Pros too) Etc…

-43% of the OS Market

-500K Apps in the App Store!!

-A little Over A BILLION Downloads

-Apple has paid out over $3Billion to Developers

-A Cards app, which lets you make your own greeting cards, take a pic and Apple will print the card and mail it to you or a party, $2.99 for a card in the US, $4.99 elsewhere in the world.

-iOS 5: Now a little more like Android, Swipe down for your notifications, iMessage(iOS BBM), Reminders app; Alertsyou based on location and What you need to do, closer you get to you destination! Twitter Integration; You can now share photo’s right from gallery to twitter

-New Camera App; double click on home screen(locked or not, and you can take a pic(quick action) use the volume button and take the pic

-Gaming Center; Achievement Points, using photos you take, Right now there are 67 million game center accounts(so there are people to play with–Pause)

-Clean Safari update; “This works great on the iPad, it’s fantastic on the iPhone.” You can add it to your reading list and hit it up later. Full Tabbed Browsing Coming To iPad Soon!!

-No Need for A computer to turn on an iOS device(iPad, iPhone) and Wireless iOS updates

-iOS 5 drops OCT 12th

-iCloud; IT works and It’s FREE(at least 5G) with iOS 5 & Lion, everything happens automatically, and is in Every App, can download and re-download anytime on any device(Apple device), Photo’s go cloud and any device under an account will have same photos onetime just by taking them(Same for documents, contacts and Apps)

-You can do “Find My Friends” Location based, as long as your friends choose to opt in(much like Find My iPhone App)

-iTunes Match; iCloud functions, that 5GB still applies -_- Stream entire Library by tapping on it! Goes live the end of the Month

-iPod; Nano, Shuffle, Touch, the rest are dead!! 8gb, 32gb, 64gb

iPhone 4S

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