I mean Maybe Not at the Very Moment as they may be Morning the Loss of the Great Late Steve Jobs, But Apparently The Rumor has circulated the Stock Market for the las 2 days and brought RIM’s Stock up by 14%, is is great for RIM since they were Down about 50% from last year, they are Leaking Value!! Hit the Jump To See what the Rumor Is about of Whom is thinking about buying them!!

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Allegedly Vodafone a Major U.K. carrier is ‘thinking’ about picking up RIM! That Rumor alone has brought light to the companies Eye, and I learned they will still make the Playbook Tablet, they “Remain Fully Committed to the Tablet Market”
I still Say they Need a Fire sale on that Tablet, especially since their stock is up, then they need to drop those QNX phones, and they maybe able to hang on, otherwise, go with that Sale Homies!!

Source: BGR