Rihanna’s latest Top 10 hit, “We Found Love,” has landed her a top spot on Billboards’ record. Rihanna beat out Madonna for achieving 20 Top 10 singles in the shortest amount of time! Rihanna’s first appearance in the Top 10 came in 2005 with her breakthrough smash “Pon De Replay” and it’s taken her only six years and four months to have 19 more Top 10 singles. Congrats, Rihanna! Read more after the jump.


The music industry magazine reports that Rihanna is the fastest solo artist to reach 20 Hot 100 Top 10 singles thanks to her Talk That Talk lead single “We Found Love.” The Calvin Harris-produced track currently sits at #9 in its second week on the chart, after debuting at #16. The rise to the top 10 means that Rihanna has beaten the Queen of Pop herself, Madge, for the quickest rise.

She first appeared in the top 10 back in June 2005 with “Pon De Replay.” Since then, she’s had 19 other songs in the top 10 in six years and four months, beating out Madonna by five months.

But Rihanna’s achievement only applies to solo artists, as the Beatles hold the all-time record. The foursome took a very swift two years and seven months to amass 20 top 10 singles back in the 1960s.

The news comes as Rihanna continues to hype up her Navy for the release of her album later this year. She shot a video for “We Found Love” last month in Northern Ireland. During the shoot, Rihanna made headlines when her “inappropriate state of undress” angered the farmer on whose land she was shooting the video. A release date for the clip hasn’t been announced.

Rihanna had this message for her fans about the video: “#WFLvid I really cant stop thinking about this video we just shot! EASILY the BEST video I’ve done thus far! Definitely my fav 1, very powerful.”