Kawasaki has released a slew of images of the 2012 ZX-14R, a motorcycle that will feature new electronic enhancements, a reworked engine and slightly restyled bodywork for next year.

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As reported by Asphalt & Rubber, the engine block will be stroked to 1,441cc and the cylinder head will be ported and polished for greater flow. In addition, the ZX-14R will make use of a higher compression ratio and new cam timing. No one’s saying exactly how much power that will all add up to, but Kawasaki calls the bike the world’s fastest-accelerating production motorcycle.

In addition to the reworked innards, the 2012 ZX-14R will also come packing traction control (sounds like a good idea…) for the first time as well as a throttle-by-wire system. The KTRC traction control system will offer the rider three different settings, all selectable from the handlebar and viewable from the gauge cluster. The bike will also features a few changes to the frame for a little more rigidity. Stay tuned for more details.