An angry Texas woman took her heartbreak-ache to the next level when she egged her ex-boyfriend’s home, shattered his windows with a 5-foot sword & phoned him 1,001 times within 3 months!

Amanda Mullen

Breaking up is hard to do – but a jilted Texas woman took her heartbreak to a whole new level.

Toni Jo Silvey egged her ex-boyfriend’s home, shattered his windows with a 5-foot sword and phoned him 1,001 times in the space of three months after they parted ways, police say.

In a series of brazen acts of revenge, the 49-year-old also posted pictures bragging about her antics on Facebook and created a blog divulging intimate details of the relationship.

Silvey was arrested Tuesday and charged with felony stalking.

Her bail was set at $25,000, and she was ordered to have no contact with Houston leather artist Peter Main, the Houston Chronicle reported.

Police say Silvey also created an internet persona called “woundedpoeticsoul” and sent him 712 emails in less than three months beginning mid-June.

In one 24-hour period in August, she is accused of calling Main 146 times.

Main, 62, told police he dated Silvey briefly in 2009 but resisted filing charges against her because he was “afraid of angering \[her\] further.”

She was warned to stay away from Main by an officer with Houston Police Department’s Special Crimes Division, but her reckless behavior continued and she was finally arrested Friday.

In an interview with police, Silvey repeatedly told the officer to “read my blog, read my blog, it’s all there,” the Houston Chronicle reported.