Bridezilla to the EXTREME! A British bride-to-be got into a violent argument with her fiance and stabbed him with a steak knife because he refused to clear up after their engagement party. More details after the jump…

Wendy L.


Natalie Hughes,38, argued with Gwillam Roberts when she returned home from work to find he had stayed in bed rather than doing the washing up.

She ordered him out of her house in Torquay, South Devon before slashing his chest and right shoulder with the steak knife when he refused to go.  

Exeter Crown Court heard the mother-of-two used the knife after Mr Roberts attacked her.

Mr Lee Bremridge, defending, said Hughes went into the relationship with Mr Roberts while on the rebound from her marriage.

He said friends noticed a change in her behaviour once she started the new relationship in which she became less outgoing and progressively more withdrawn and depressed.  

At the time she was working to support her two young children and pay a mortgage and had been at work all day when she returned to find her partner still in bed.  

She had written him a list of jobs to do, which included looking after her children, but he had ignored it and carried on drinking.

Mr Bremridge said Hughes had suffered bruising and a fat lip in an attack by Mr Roberts before she turned the knife on him.

He said: ‘He was verbally abusive to her when in drink which resulted in her losing her confidence. The relationship was corrosive as a result of him belittling her.

‘Her ex husband has described her as a perfect mother and a kind lady who gets on with everybody.’

Mr Bremridge said Hughes ended her relationship with Mr Roberts and is now rebuilding her life.

Mr David Bowen, prosecuting, said: ‘The defendant and the victim were in a relationship and these events took place the day after their engagement party.

‘There was an argument when she returned home to find he had not cleared the place up after the party. It is unclear how the knife came to be in the bedroom but she said she took up upstairs.

‘There was a struggle when he tried to disarm her in which she was injured and she picked up the knife and caused two wounds to his shoulder and chest.’

Hughes admitted causing grievous bodily harm and was jailed for 12 months, suspended for two years and ordered to do 50 hours unpaid community work by Judge David Tyzack, QC.

He told her: ‘You were driven to do this in a domestic context with a partner who was unsupportive and was either an alcoholic or bordering on it.

‘On this occasion he was in drink and had failed to carry out a reasonable request.

‘You were driven in temper to arm yourself with the knife and confront him.

‘I accept you did so with a view to him leaving your home rather than you intending to stab him. He assaulted you and caused you minor injuries.’