Well interestingly enough, maybe, even kinda, as Forbes’ Victoria Barret reports, The Late Great Steve Jobs himself met with Dropbox creators Drew Houston and Arash Ferdowsi to see if he could purchase Dropbox, one of the 1st Cloud programs online for insane amount of money, and they turned him down!! Hit the jump for the Story!!

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Victoria states in her piece:

Jobs had been tracking a young software developer named Drew Houston, who blasted his way onto Apple’s radar screen when he reverse-engineered Apple’s file system so that his startup’s logo, an unfolding box, appeared elegantly tucked inside. Not even an Apple SWAT team had been able to do that.

So in ’09 Mr. Jobs invited the dropbox dynamic duo out to Apple HQ(Cupertino) to meet and let them know he(Apple) was gonna pursue what they had done, but for Apple, and he offer them $800 Million, and they straight up Turned him down(CRAZY), in which they meant NO disrespect, they just want to follow their own dream, which turns out was not a bad decision, they have been evaluated to be worth 4Billion!!!


Jobs smiled warmly as he told them he was going after their market. “He said we were a feature, not a product,” says Houston. Courteously, Jobs spent the next half hour waxing on over tea about his return to Apple, and why not to trust investors, as the duo—or more accurately, Houston, who plays Penn to Ferdowsi’s mute Teller—peppered him with questions. […] When Jobs later followed up with a suggestion to meet at Dropbox’s San Francisco office, Houston proposed that they instead meet in Silicon Valley. “Why let the enemy get a taste?” he now shrugs cockily. Instead, Jobs went dark on the subject, resurfacing only this June, at his final keynote speech, where he unveiled iCloud, and specifically knocked Dropbox as a half-attempt to solve the Internet’s messiest dilemma: How do you get all your files, from all your devices, into one place? […] Houston’s reaction was less cocky: “Oh, s–t.” The next day he shot a missive to his staff: “We have one of the fastest-growing companies in the world,” it began. Then it featured a list of one-time meteors that fell to Earth: MySpace, Netscape, Palm, Yahoo. 


Apparently this was Pre-Talk of iCloud, and when turned down, Steve went on his own mission, then iCould started to be talked about, ad immediately people began to compare iCloud to the likes of Dropbox….Crazy!!!

Watch this Video to tell the whole story!!