This is not a post that I wanted to post, But I feel like I have No choice but to tell the Truth!! Of course Right now Twitter is Way above Google+, but Goog’s growing at an expedient rate, and I Really like using it, But they seem to have a flaw that could possibly really cripple that growth, which honestly with a social media variant like twitter, or Even Facebook, people may not feel like they need the Stress from Google+ -_-
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Ok so as I woke up this morning I saw an email from Google stating I was in Name policy violation, I was like what?? I mean I’ve seen that before, when we started a G+ for #IFWT, they suspended us stating that violation, but because they were not doing business, organization or schools as yet, so I get that, but to stress me cause I’m using a nick name is quite retarded(and I do mean the bad form of being mentally handicap), I mean who has been a bigger champion for G+ than me??? And your gonna stress me cause I use Tat WZA, Even My Moms calls me Tat, and All my friends & co-Workers call me WZA!! They say put what people call you, but in their policy it says NO nick names, but I just don’t get that!! I do get they don’t want a bunch of dummy accounts, which you are able to do on Twitter, and I think Facebook will let you put the name you want, wether it’s your name, or just an alias you want to go by. I mean that will make for a more stable community, and their #’s will be more accurate, but they should go by activity, If your making a dummy account, separate from your real(or nick) name, you prob wouldn’t be on as much, so your activity should be the deciding factor, not what they feel is your right name, as if they actually know you or something! Having these restrictions could seriously turn people off, and make them want to stick with what they already have like Twitter, I mean if I do get suspended, I’ll be ok, cause My twitter is NOT gonna shut me down!!! And if it takes them too long to open up that policy, I may not even care to be active when I’m allowed back, which in the scheme of things is bad for them because google has always been about activity for there Google ads, because lets be honest, IF they put ads in your gmail, ads are coming to google+!!! Any way, let me show you what happened:

1st I woke up to this Email:

So I went to my G+ account and this Popped up:

And this is the Close up of what that said:

So I looked Closer at this name policy business:

So After I was thoroughly Pissed off, I changed my name the best I could(I mean I’ve been on Gmail since it started, with that NAME), then I backed up my Data:

And took it to G+ to sound Off, and someone in my circle had a good idea, We should protest should they start shutting people down, #OccupyOnline:

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Oh and I had some good stuff to show you about G+, But I’m gonna hold off on that…Such a let down 🙁