A 29 year-old Connecticut mom, Juliette Dunn & her 33 year-old friend, Lisa Jefferson were arrested in July after the pair gave Dunn’s children beer on a playground. Today the Connecticut mom pled guilty to giving her 4 year-old son a 40-ounce Steel Reserve to drink & cocaine to her 10-month-old daughter. She is now looking at up to 2 years behind bars.
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Amanda Mullen

A Connecticut mom faces up to two years in prison after pleading guilty to ordering her 4-year-old son to chug a beer and giving booze and cocaine to her 10-month-old daughter.

Juliette Dunn, 29, of Success Village, and pal Lisa Jefferson, 33, were arrested in July after witnesses complained the two gave Dunn’s children beer on a playground, the Connecticut Post reported.

Cops found an empty 40-ounce Steel Reserve beer on the ground next to Dunn’s 4-year-old and a baby bottle that smelled like booze.

Playground witnesses told police that Dunn and Jefferson were lounging in folding chairs when Jefferson handed the 40-ounce to the boy and ordered him to chug it – and then called him an alcoholic after he finished, the Post reported.

The children were taken to a local hospital where they tested positive for alcohol. The 10-month-old also tested positive for cocaine.

The 4-year-old later told a social worker that he likes, “Natural Ice beer, Budweiser beer, but didn’t like the taste of Dog-Bite beer,” the report said.

Dunn told police that Jefferson gave her son beer every day, but she didn’t know how the baby ingested the coke, the report said.

Dunn and Jefferson pleaded guilty to two counts of risk of injury to a child.

They are scheduled to be sentenced on Dec. 9.

The children were turned over to child protective services, the Post said.

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