Posted by Sabrina B. @gametimegirl

A massive, bench-clearing brawl broke out just before halftime of Thursday night’s game between the University of Arizona and UCLA.

The events leading up to the fight though, were odd. It seems that with just two seconds left in the second quarter, a fan actually ran onto the field dressed as a referee, confusing many and delaying the game.

However, that was just enough time for UCLA and Arizona players to get in each other’s faces and eventually break out into a massive fight. According to Larry Brown Sports, UCLA Bruins receiver Taylor Embree hit Arizona Wildcat Shaquille Richardson, who, in turn retaliated before the fight escalated.

Both players were ejected, but according to ESPN announcers the NCAA is sure to revisit the incident and may potentially hand out further disciplinary action.

Emotions were certainly running high between the two rivals, as Arizona led 42 to 7 after only two quarters. According to the AP, several players had to be restrained by referees and coaches.

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