Posted by Sabrina B. @gametimegirl

Not gonna lie, I am excited for this game Sunday night!

Cowboys defensive coordinator Rob Ryan took his verbal jabbing at the Philadelphia Eagles to a whole new level on Friday.

Before the season began, Ryan called the Eagles the “all-hype team” and pointed out that “we’re going to beat their ass when we play them.”

Those comments did not sit well at all with Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson.

“For a coach to say that, it’s hard for me to. . . .  I wouldn’t expect that from a coach because he’s not out there playing,” Jackson told Philadelphia reporters this week. “He’s calling plays and putting his defense in the right position to stop the offense.  But as far as a defensive coordinator, that’s kind of unheard of, uncalled for.”

Ryan did not back off his tough talk when he addressed the media on Friday in Dallas, evening issuing a challenge to Jackson to take things from a verbal to physical level.

“I know that Jackson said it’s not right for me to comment,” Ryan said, according to The Dallas Morning News. “And he’s right about that. I don’t play on Sunday. I know he wishes I did. I mean, hell, he doesn’t have to worry about tackling me.”

“He can tackle me. That’d be great, because I’m going to land on his shoulder and put him out. So that’ll be awesome. Hell, he can tackle me two or three times.”

We’ve had trainers trip players on the sidelines in recent years. We’ve had coaches nearly come to blows for shaking hands too hard.

But a player tackling a coach on the sidelines?

Only in a rivalry as heated as the Cowboys and Eagles would this be possible. And considering how intense Ryan and Jackson are, it’s something we just might have to watch for on Sunday night.

“I can’t wait to get after these guys,” Ryan said. “It’s going to be great. Hell, let’s go get it on.”