I know this was official this past Summer, and I’m sure all my Tech Geeks know well how to do this, but how many Tech interested people know how to?? I mean you might have seen the little camera in the search bar, and not thought anything except you were in the Image search, but hit the jump and see what you May have missed!!

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Now If I just put my name in images related(S/O Mizz DR Pops up in images of me because She is in “Bucket Naked”, And She Is So Sexy In that Video!!) to me pop up:

But to search BY image, While you’re in the image search, you’ll see a little camera in the right corner of the search bar, you click on that:

Google then asks you to either paste the url of an image or upload:

Click on the “upload” button choose a file(pic) and upload:

Info about the image, and anybody that used or shared or commented on the image pops up, you can learn about That image!:

Make your Searches Direct with Photos!!!

This Video from Google can Explain a little More!: