They didn’t even Need Trump for this, they did it themselves, a UK Apple Employee found himself Fired after posting “Private”(Meaning only some people could see it, not his whole list of friends), but it found it’s way to Apple higher ups, and that was all she wrote, well he wrote, at least while employed by Apple, Hit the Jump for Story!

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An Apple Employee(Named Crisp) decided to talk some ish about Apple(no word on what exactly) on his very own Facebook page and was using a limited list Facebook offers, yet one of is ‘Friends’ Copied the comments and showed them to his supervisor(Stinking Rat) and since Apple make it clear to All employee’s from day 1, NO posting comments to social media about Apple anything(good comments, and/or especially bad comments), in order to protect brand image, Apple had every right to fire him! He even lost when he took it to the UK labor board, because Apple always made it clear!! Moral of the story, IF they tell you don’t do it, and you do it, You’re Fired!!!

Source: IFOapple