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Manny Pacquiao is normally mild-mannered when it comes to addressing future fights and opponents, but he admits he wants to thoroughly beat Juan Manuel Marquez when the two fight Nov. 12 in Las Vegas and leave no doubt he is the best pound-for-pound fighter.

Pacquiao said he’s been looking forward to this fight ever since Marquez wore a shirt which read, “Marquez Beat Pacquiao Twice!!” last November after defeating Michael Katsidis to retain his lightweight titles. Pacquiao defeated Marquez by a split decision in 2008, and their first fight in 2004 ended in a draw.


“He’s been claiming that he’s won the last two fights,” Pacquiao said. “I need to go in and end all these issues. This fight will be the answer to all the doubts and all the issues he’s been screaming for.”


There is a picture of Marquez wearing the shirt behind the speed bag Pacquiao hits every day at the Wild Card Boxing Club in Hollywood. As Pacquiao pummeled the bag on Wednesday, his eyes were transfixed on the picture as his trainer Freddie Roach looked on.


“This is the best I’ve ever seen him,” Roach said. “He really has a grudge because Marquez wore those ‘I Beat Pacquiao Twice’ shirts in the Philippines and started campaigning that he got robbed. Manny doesn’t dislike anyone in the world, but this guy slapped him in the face a little bit and payback’s a b—-.”


Roach put the picture of Marquez wearing the shirt behind the speed bag when they began training. He thought it would soon be removed, but a week before the fight the photo is still there.


“I thought he would take it down,” Roach said. “But he looks at it every day and smiles. He has that little extra spark right now because he wants that payback.”

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