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Sh*t is really getting crazy!  More & more dirt is getting revealed in Shaq’s new tell all book, “Shaq Uncut.”  The other day we posted the story about Shaq goin in on Kobe, then we posted about LeBron yesterday and today we have Dwight Howard.  I’m def gonna have to check out this book when it comes out on Nov. 15th.
Check what Shaq had to say about Dwight after the jump…

O’Neal’s former teammates aren’t the only players he discusses in the book. He also shares his feelings about Dwight Howard:

Dwight Howard is by himself. If he doesn’t get four rings, I’ll be disappointed in him. There’s no one for him to go up against. When I was playing I had [Patrick] Ewing in his prime. I had Rik Smits, Arvydas Sabonis, Alonzo Mourning, Dikembe Mutumbo. I had Vlade Divac, Kevin Duckworth. I caught some of David Robinson. [Greg] Ostertag. Guys with size. Now, I couldn’t name five centers.

Dwight Howard and I don’t really have a relationship. I don’t like people who lack originality. The whole Superman thing doesn’t work for me. … It’s kind of weird how he’s handled his career. He wants to be Superman. They’re talking about him going to L.A. when his contract is up. When I go back to the Orlando area in the offseason, they are doing all the same things for him they did for me. But that’s a mistake. He’s Dwight Howard. He’s not Shaq. Be your own man. Create your own brand.

I do feel for him sometimes. It’s all on his shoulders, just like it was all on mine, and when he doesn’t get it done he’s the one standing there trying to explain, even though he put up huge numbers. Nothing changes in the NBA. It’s not always fun being Dwight Howard, but if you call yourself The Man, well, you gotta deal with it.

O’Neal is an excellent storyteller and he doesn’t disappoint in “Shaq Uncut: My Story.”The book can be pre-ordered here.

SOURCE: HoopsWorld